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Do your consumers constantly ask questions about your high-intensity sweeteners or complain about the aftertaste?  Want to have a clean label with no artificial sweeteners added to your product?  Want to add body to your products and have the taste replicate the “real deal”?

At Signature Flavors, we are “Your Solution to Being Unique”. 
Signature Flavors has developed its own proprietary technology for Sweetness Enhancers that will allow customers to reduce or replace sucralose, ace k, aspartame, erythritol, stevia, and more. 

Applications Included

  • Beverages-carbonated & non-carbonated
  • Calorie reduction (reduced sugar & juice)
  • Powdered Drinks  
  • Nutraceuticals  
  • Dairy-Flavored Milk
  • Juice Drinks  
  • Bakery


  • Cost-effective  
  • Low usage level  
  • Positioned for clean labeling as Natural Flavor

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