Signature Flavors has developed truly authentic tasting Cocoa Enhancers which can be used to partially replace or extend Cocoa solids in most applications.

Consumer demand for indulgent foods continues to drive new product launches in many markets. The discovery of the therapeutic value of Cocoa has led to a remarkable increase in usage with consequently higher prices.

Signature Flavors Cocoa Enhancers have created lower, more stable ingredient costs without sacrificing flavor, quality, or nutritional benefits.

Flavor profiles can be specifically adjusted in your reduced Cocoa Applications to maintain quality and integrity. Flavor Characterization, impact, mouthfeel, and other attributes, can all be maintained.


  • Chocolate Confections
  • Baking
  • Dairy
  • Desserts
  • Beverages


  • Coste Effective
  • All Natural
  • Flavor Characterization
  • Texture and Mouthfeel
  • Strength and Flavor Impact
  • Thermally Stable

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