Chocolate Milk Powder Blends

Signature Flavors has developed Cocoa Powder Blends with Cocoa Replacers that can replace or enhance your existing blends.

At Signature Flavors, we have a wide range of profiles to match a variety of cocoas available. Custom profiles are available.

Typical Signature Flavors blends include cocoa powder, starch, salt, natural flavor, sugar, and gum.


  • Flavor profiles can be specifically adjusted in reduced cocoa applications to maintain the quality and integrity of the desired product.
  • Flavor characterization, impact, mouthfeel, and other attributes can all be maintained.
  • These enhancers are ideal for application in chocolate confections, bakery, desserts, beverages, or any application where cocoa has to be reduced but integrity maintained.


  • Impact
  • Cost Reduction
  • Original Color
  • All Natural
  • Calorie Reduction
  • Cost Effective

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