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Sweet, Meat and Savory Specialty Products

Characterizing Meat Flavors
* By Ulitilizing Unique Maillard Reaction Technology
* By Enzymatic Digestion
* By Compounding Flavors Utilizing Gras Chemicals and Reaction Bases

Other Types of Flavors Utilizing Maillard Reaction.
* Bread and Bakery Flavors
* Nut and Chocolate Flavors
* Sweet Brown, Vanilla, Honey, Maple, Brown Sugar Type Flavors.
* Building Blocks, Fatty, Fried, Toasted, Roasted, Crispy, Grilled, Charred etc…

Cooling Effects and Mouthfeel
* "Fire and Ice" Effect
* Heat Sensation
* Mouth Coating, "Gummy", "Starchy", "Fatty", "Dry", "Sticky", "Lubricity" etc

Cheese and Dairy
* Characterizing Cheese Flavors
     i-Compounded Utilizing Gras Chemicals
    ii-Compounded Utilizing Gras Chemicals in addition to Enzyme Modified Bases

* Maillard Reaction Cheese Bases Utilizing Enzyme Modified Cheeses and Dairy Products to Produce "Unique" Profiles

Uniquely Processed Products
* Individual Flavor Molecules and Flavor Ingredients:  Cocoa, Vanilla, Maple, Smoke

Unique Smoke Flavor utilizing Maillard Reaction Technologies
* Hickory                                * Mesquite                * Crispy Sugar                     * CharGrillin
* Crispy Bacon                    * Crisp                        * Grilled                                  * Smoky Grilled
                                                 * Meaty                      * Savory

Flavor Precursor Systems
* Beef           *Chicken         *Bacon         * Pork             *Flavor Enhancement

Browning Systems.
* Microwave Browning Systems            * General Browning Systems

* Glazes                                    * Rubs