Agave, Coconut, Honey, Maple Syrup & Brown Sugar Enhancers

Signature Flavors has developed Agave, Coconut, Honey, Maple Syrup & Brown Sugar Enhancers that are 20-30X stronger than the original products.  With the high cost of both Honey, Maple & Brown Sugar these enhancers offer a cost reduction without sacrificing flavor.  Custom profiles are available.

True taste of Agave Syrup.
Great Coconut Enhancer with a clean label.
True taste of Honey whether Clover, Buckwheat or other varieties.
Truly characterizing New England Maple Syrup.
Varying degrees of Brown Sugar Enhancers available (Light, Medium or Dark).

The additional benefit is calorie reduction.

Flavor Profiles can be specifically adjusted in Applications to maintain the quality and integrity of the desired product. Flavor Characterization, Impact and Mouthfeel can all be maintained.
These Modulators are ideal for application in confections, bakery, desserts, beverages or any application where Agave, Coconut, Honey & Maple Syrup has to be reduced but integrity maintained.

1. Clean label as Natural Flavor
2. Fema & Gras approved ingredients
3. Cost-Effective
4. Calorie Reduction
5. No supply issues

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Signature Flavors

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